Brise Naming Service(BNS}

The Brise Name Service (BNS) is a system that maps Brise addresses to a human-readable name, represented by an NFT. It’s also possible to link website URLs, crypto addresses, and additional information to an BNS record it is based on the Ethereum Naming Service.

the Bitgert addresses like the Eth are long strings of hexadecimal characters that are generated from private keys and are used to receive Bitgert tokens. While these addresses are machine-readable and readily usable by wallets and decentralised applications (dApps), they are not easily recognisable or memorable for users.


The BNS function is to make it seamless for users to transact by replacing wallet addresses with human readable names like “gert.brise” instead of “0xdffrghhh….cbvffff”.

Adoption of Naming has witnessed massive increase in recent months, propelled not only by the convenience of being able to replace unreadable addresses with a simple name, but also by wider interest in NFTs. In the crypto world there are bragging rights to owning short or rare names. It also give you a way to represent your self in the metaverse, other than long unmemorable wallet addresses.

The Name Service works in a similar way to how the internet’s Domain Name System (DNS) maps simple and memorable domain names to IP addresses, allowing web users to replace strings of complex numbers with names like “” or “”. Using BNS, for instance, the name “gert.brise” can be used in supporting wallets and other DeFi services, instead of the corresponding Ethereum address like, “0x5f40AC03E415……33A6C19d22fD3”.

The major advantage of this naming service is ease of use. It’s practically impossible for users to remember their wallet addresses, let alone other users’ addresses. This can lead to mistakes being made, with funds potentially being sent to the wrong address. with the BNS you will be able to send and receive funds to a human readable address and hence have zero worries about long wallet addresses, you will transact directly from domain name to domain name instead of making use of cryptic keys.

Furthermore you will get verified identities as your bns will be linked automatically to your Aibra profiles. You will also have the luxury of hosting your favourite website or app with your personal domain names. This makes it even more interesting, you will be able to sell your domain names to the highest bidders.

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