AIBRA ( Artificial intelligence and Blockchain Recruitment App) is a recruitment agency app built on the Bitget Decentralized Blockchain.

We act as an intermediary between a company that’s looking to hire someone and a job seeker who is looking for a gig or employment. Our principal function is to find the best candidate(s) for an opening position in a company.We can champion applications of candidates throughout the entire screening process and recruiters also get to share information about organizations to candidates so they know what they are signing up for.

  1. Easy, Quality and Fast hiring: Using the AIBRA platform saves time and energy. We make hiring fast and efficient as we reduce a few initial steps of the recruitment process. Our platform uses the latest technology and intelligence to select candidates in a short time.
  2. Access to qualified candidates: one of the major advantages of using AIBRA platform is that our AI can help in hiring the right talents for a gig and we have a large pool of qualified candidates that can fulfill the needs of a company or an agency. Only candidates who have already been carefully assessed and interviewed.
  3. AIBRA saves employers( Recruiting agencies, companies in general) time and money and provides an efficient output.

How does AIBRA help?
AIBRA has built a dApp that uses user friendly and secure peer-to-peer influence to provide suitable candidates for our client requirements be it full-time or part time to source for candidates in and out of web3. Our platform source, prepare, interview, hire and on-board- all these for our clients

How does AIBRA make these happen?
We have built a decentralized recruitment social metaverse to create an interactive ecosystem for recruitment agencies, companies and job seekers on web3. We put the candidate into various tasks like

  1. Setting up quizzes: This quiz includes questions that ought to be known by a candidate for a job opening to test their knowledge and candidates that don’t meet up with the minimum criteria are automatically not selected while candidates who pass this are moved to the next stage which is a video interview. Before a video interview is done, there is rigorous examination of a candidate’s profile and prior experience to select the best.
  2. Video interview: This is done after candidates have passed the minimum criteria for the quiz. Video interviewing is done to enable an efficient way for AIBRA to quickly compare and contrast candidates without delaying the hiring timeline as time is a useful resource and by interviewing, we eradicate scheduling complications and delays, reducing the risk of losing candidates.
  3. After the video interview has been done, the candidate is now ready to work.

We have a proven track record as a great invention and have the necessary skill as well as technology to hire the best. We are client oriented as we facilitate works like ones that have been mentioned.

Information about the token can be found on Our dApp link is

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